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Dinner Menu

This page has our normal dinner menu and the group menu, available for 12 or more guests.  Please scroll down for details.

Dinner Menu:




Herb and garlic cheesey panini bread  $3.00


Soup and croutons in a mug  $7.00



  • Vine ripened tomato, basil, sea salt, sheep’s feta

$4.50 per piece


  • Crispy salumi, whipped ricotta, greens, aged balsamic

$16.00 (for up to 4 people)


Charcuterie and cheese:

Pepperoni, smoked leg ham and black angus beef prosciutto, vintage aged cheddar, Tasmanian brie, mustard pickles, olive basil pesto, ciabatta toast   $18.00


Sweet potato chips, herbed sour cream    $7.50


Slow cooked beef cheek and cheddar croquettes, paprika mayo   2 pieces $8.00; 4 pieces: $15.00


Fried ravioli, blue cheese, tomato chutney, crisp pancetta   $9.00


Artisan flat bread, red peppers, pumpkin, tomato, goats cheese, basil pesto   $12.00


Crispy fried calamari, mild chilli, garlic, parsley, lemon aioli $14.00




Small: $8.50; Large: $15.00


Rocket, pear, shaved parmesan, pancetta, honey vinaigrette


Vine ripened tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella, avocado, apple balsamic


Salad of grilled and roasted vegetables –  cauliflower, pumpkin, mushroom, spinach, quinoa, yogurt tahini drizzle




Pizzas (all $20 each):




Soy marinated beef sirloin, roma tomato, red peppers, spinach, Bernaise


Carbonara, streaky bacon, egg, parmesan cheese, flat leaf parsley


Cherry tomato, basil, buffalo mozzarella, anchovies


Chicken tandori, mango chutney, snowpeas, yoghurt, cashews


Pork belly, prawn, pancetta, red peppers, Persian feta, fresh pomegranate


Exotic mushrooms, zucchini, pine nuts, blue cheese crumble, truffle oil


Pumpkin, asparagus, roasted capsicum, spinach, smoked olives, sheep’s feta


Slow cooked lamb shoulder, roasted rosemary potato, tomato chutney, caramelised onion, mint jelly


Tasmanian salmon, cashew pesto, rocket, avocado, fried capers, lemon


Four cheese- mozzarella, Fior di latte, parmesan, shaved pecorino, zucchini, fried sage


Pepperoni, streaky bacon, red currant jelly, mozzarella, camembert



Gluten free bases are available: $3.50 extra



Group Menu

A menu designed for groups of 12 or more

to share bread, salad, pizzas and dessert…




Herb and garlic cheesey panini bread


Rocket, pear, shaved parmesan, pancetta,

honey vinaigrette


Your choice of 3 pizzas from our pizza menu


Vanilla panna cotta, fresh mango, strawberry and kiwi fruit salsa, cinnamon ice cream


$30.00 per person

$30.00 per person

The Small Print:

Bookings essential!

  • Minimum 12 person charge
  • Strictly one account per table
  • Confirm numbers and pizza selection 24 hours prior to booking
  • You get 1 cheesy bread, shared salad, 4 slices of pizza, dessert each
  • Gluten free attracts extra charge ($3.50 per pizza)
  • Meals served between 5-8:30pm. Venue closes at 9:45pm.
  • A fee of $190 per half hour (or part thereof) may be applied to groups who remain on site after 10pm, unless prior arrangements for venue to remain open have been made.