Tuesday- Friday
Lunch 12-2:30
Tuesday- Saturday
Dinner from 5:30


Lunch @ Encores Restaurant

House bread

To follow

To follow


  • Grilled barramundi fillet, mango, red pepper salsa, lemon verjuice cream sauce, dill potato salad and rocket
  • Vegetarian strudel, roast sweet potato, feta, pine nut, spinach in filo pastry, avocado, pearl barley, green leaf and asparagus salad 
  • Sautéed prawn and flaked salmon, smoked cherry tomatoes, chorizo, house pasta, fresh lemon
  • Christmas wreath salad, turkey, orange segment, fresh cherry, rocket, pomegranate, red onion, cranberry dressing
  • Encores beef fillet sandwich, toasted Turkish bread, sticky onion, hollandaise, hand cut chips
  • Pork belly, soy glazed, roasted cauliflower and picked herb salad,  pickled raisins, anise glaze
  • Slow cooked beef brisket, rice pilaf, sumac, asparagus, labneh, nutty salsa verde

Add on: Tuscan fries, chilli, garlic and rosemary sea salt $7.00

*Can be made Gluten free: $1 surcharge applies.

Today’s lunch beef special  ($9 surcharge)

Lunch with a glass of wine: $30.00
Lunch with a glass of wine and soup to start: $36.00

Desserts… $13.50 each

  • Panna cotta, salted caramel, pistachio crumb, honeycomb , cocnut ice cream (gf)
  • Berry, berry compote, dehydrated strawberries, coffee foam, sumac cocoa dust, meringue (gf)
  • Gaytime: vanilla ice cream, caramel ice cream, white chocolate crumb, toasted buckwheat
  • Chocolate pudding, shaved chocolate, macadamia, fresh fig, Middle Eastern rocky road, pomegranante ganache

There are many new regulations for a dining venue to become COVID-19 safe.  In order for us to meet these requirements, we ask:

  • On arrival, each guest is required to check in, via the QR code system, as per the government directive.   It is not used for marketing purposes.
  • We ask you to arrive at your nominated booking time, (not earlier).  If you are going to be more than 15 minutes late, please let us know so we can continue to hold your table.  Your sitting times are fixed, so please understand that your departure time cannot be extended if you are late arriving.  This particularly applies to dinner bookings, but may also apply to lunch, at times.  The timings of our bookings are spaced accordingly to allow for maximum ability to socially distance and keep our numbers at or below the allowed amount.
  • Bookings only at this stage, so please phone ahead to make a reservation.

• In general, a few points…

Social distancing applies.  Please respect this when interacting with our staff and other guests (and we will do the same for you).

A comprehensive cleaning routine is in place after guests leave, and before new guests arrive.  If you have any questions about this, please let us know.

We are all up to date with the R&CA COVID-19 Hospitality Best Practice Training.

A checklist is on display within the venue outlining the measures in place to remain COVID safe.

We prefer contactless payment.

Hand sanitiser is provided at multiple points within the venue.  Please help yourself to this.

•These are challenging times to operate a restaurant.  If you change your mind about your booking, please let us know so we have the opportunity to resell the table.